Math Practice Tests



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Operations On Polynomials
Rational Exponents And Radicals
Linear Equations in One Variable
Setting up equations and Problem Solving
Quadratic Equations and Rational Expressions
Coordinate Plane and Straight Lines
Algebra Sample Test

College Algebra

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Evaluate a given function
Define the domain and range of a given function
Add/subtract/multiply and divide functions
Find the composition of two or more functions
Evaluate the Composition of two or more functions
Find, use and evaluate inverse of functions.
Evaluate and simplify expressions using complex numbers
Evaluate and simplify expressions using Factorial notations
Solve problems on arithmetic or geometric sequences
Add, subtract or multiply matrices and use determinants 
College Algebra Sample Test


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Trigonometry of Right Triangles
Applications of Right-triangle
Trigonometry of Any Angle
Trigonometric functions and basic identities
Graphs of trigonometric functions
Trigonometric equations and inequalities
Laws of Sine and Cosine
Trigonometry Sample Test